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arpitha Bommakanti


tulasiram Makkena

arpitha Bommakanti and tulasiram Makkena

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Tulasi and I met the modern way: by swiping right on Dil Mil in February 2022. Our first date almost didn't happen as it was snowing in Dallas and the city was pretty much shut down. After we made it to the restaurant, we had an amazing conversation and have been making memories ever since! Tulasi's easy going and calming nature drew me to him while my kindness and positivity attracted him. This past year has been filled with chatting, travel (we both love hiking), cooking together, listening to punjabi music and bringing a puppy into our lives! At the same time, we take time to pursue our individual passions, he enjoys playing cricket and I teach and perform on various Indian dance forms!

After our marriage, we plan to go to India to meet and continue the celebration with our extended families.

We are beyond excited to celebrate our wedding weekend with everyone!